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Community Care Food

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Martin Luther King Jr.,

Breakfast & Awards Ceremony 

Imagine having a dream so great that you didn't allow anything to stop you.  Brenda Phillips did just that- manifest her vision and founded the non-profit and youth group, “Wear” which implies “it takes a village” and “we” as a “community” do care about our youths and their future. Raised in Newtonville, NJ, Ms. Phillips was a teen dealing with physical and sexual abuse at 12. She was abandoned by both parents who were addicted to drugs.

She never wanted any kid to feel the way she felt growing up. She wanted to create a safe space where they wouldn’t feel alone. Ms. Phillips created WeCare, a non-profit which is a safe haven and welcoming space for youths of all ages to find hope, to nourish a sense of self and foster an ability to grow, and to develop interests and skills to become productive members of society. Even more, she continues looking for additional ways to best meet the needs of youths while her passion for and commitment to positive youth development continues to grow.

Ms. Phillips successfully spearheaded prom giveaways, where youth were able to attend prom at no cost to them! Ms. Phillips has also facilitated toy drives, charity events, creative school assemblies, workshops, college tours and many other fun-filled projects. She successfully organized WeCares 2nd Annual Community Day on August 19, 2017 with over 300 people in attendance!

In addition to being a remarkable program director, youth mentor, and role model, Ms. Phillips is an astonishing inspirational speaker and poet. Her talents allow her to connect not only with youth, but with adults as well. At the core of her work, she engages people and creates spaces for meaningful dialogue, reaching the hearts of her audience immediately to motivate change in themselves and their community.  Moreover, her STORY and a voice that will silence a room she has the ability to shift minds and change lives through her powerful, witty speaking abilities. Ms. Phillips is guaranteed to be " UNFORGETTABLE".

With her engaging, and fun personality, she is here to stay, and Ms. Phillips’ envisions that she will continue motivating and inspiring audiences helping them to step out of their comfort zone and get a front-row seat in life.

The accomplishments and successes of Ms. Phillips are far beyond the justice of these words, her truly captivating presence moves audiences not only to heart felt emotions, but life changing actions.

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