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Community Care Food

& Clothing Pantry

Martin Luther King Jr.,

Breakfast & Awards Ceremony 

Leslie Squair Jr. is extremely passionate about helping people access their human potential and power to impact the world. His mission is to empower anyone that crosses his path to understand their true value and operate within their purpose with absolute certainty. 

Les has been blessed with a solid foundation through his parents Les & Tina Squair Sr., and a myriad of mentors. His lack of early economic education infused him with the strong desire to reach heights that defy the status quo. He believes that every moment is a crucial teaching moment, and every experience is a lesson learned that can inspire economical, physical, educational and emotional growth.

As the oldest of 3 children Les desired to be an identifiable role model to his siblings and continues to be an inspirational figure to his 3 beautiful children Aakhyli, Olivia and Leslie Squair III. He cites his marriage to his best friend and beautiful wife of 5 years Natasha T. Squair as the moment he solidified his God fulfilling purpose. 

Les is a speaker, coach and business professional. He is the founder of NEVER QUIT & Associates LLC, a platform that provides a solid foundation of empowerment for young people. He has also extended this platform to professionals looking to empower youth and professionals with their story, skills and gifts.

Within NEVER QUIT & Associates LLC, Les has created effective initiatives, which include the NEVER QUIT® TEAM, a community platform to help college students and young aspiring professionals develop to become experts in their perspective industries. #THEGIVINGMISSION® a community service platform and initiative created to give a helping hand to those who face unforeseen circumstances and the NEVER QUIT® GEAR Mentor & Sponsor Program for high school student-athletes; which provides instructional support and athletic sponsorship/scholarships.

Always remember, “Nothing ever changes until the pain of remaining the same, becomes greater than the pain of change.”

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