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Pop-Up Pantry
A Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry Program

The Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry believes in bringing communities together as it has done since 2011. Inspired by real people in the community doing selfless acts of kindness to help their communities during COVID-19, we have created the Pop-up Pantry Series. Started in 2020, the Pop-Up Pantry project’s goal is to provide a service to people using quality fresh food and more to bring small communities and neighborhoods together.  The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in each sector, class, and community so we believe hosting these events that include various resources from Medicare coverage assistance to voter registration and domestic violence to free food and supplies, we bring an elevated level of direct services to underserved communities.

Many people have suffered a major social change in their financial, health, and mental outlook. We want to help with the recovery of this social change by creating a new season of community togetherness done safely, with fun, and with a healthy purpose!  For the Pop-up Pantry project we always try to look at ways to improve the overall “pantry going” experience.  Our Pop-up events are informative using nutritional education including cooking demonstrations\, providing free Jersey Fresh produce, special prizes, fun and so much more.

Each Pop-up Pantry Series event and location is different.  Depending on the location and audience, some Pop-up’s can be held indoors and have different set-ups, activities, and social service vendors. 

We are looking for sponsors for our Pop-Up Pantry Series 2024.  To learn how to become a major sponsor, please click here


Produce Tuesday Client

I am very thankful. The Food Distribution Program  has helped me always to put Food on my Table

Joe Willis

Volunteers are awesome. Keep up the great work

Pantry Client

My family really appreciates this program! It really helps us and we get some really great things. The best part is I feel no judgement when I go to get food. 

Pop-up Pantry 2020


1st Stop!

Atco, New Jersey

The first stop and kick-off to the Pop-Up project started in Atco, where we served over 50 families.  


2nd Stop!

Eden Hollow - Sicklerville

2nd stop was in Sicklerville, great food, ice cream, and prizes were a big hit!  Thanks to Mayor Wright of Winslow stopping by!

thumbnail (4).jpg

3rd Stop!

Pennsauken, New Jersey

The next stop focused on seniors in Pennsauken serving over 80 seniors and participants.


4th Stop!

West Atco  - Winslow Twp, NJ

This event really brought the community together as participants received a host of produce, bread, art supplies, books and more.


5th Stop!

Waterford, NJ

Last but not least...serving the residents of Waterford Township was a success.

Mario D  Parte - 2019 Camden County Freedom Medal
Camden County, NJ

Mario D Parte - 2019 Camden County Freedom Medal

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