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Pop-Up Pantry Sponsorship
A Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry Program

The Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry believes in bringing communities together as it has done since 2011.  Pop-Up Pantry project’s goal is to provide a service to people using quality fresh food and more to bring small communities and neighborhoods together.  Our Pop-up events are informative using nutrition education including cooking demonstrations*, providing free Jersey Fresh produce, special prizes, fun and so much more.  Each Pop-up Pantry Series event and location is different.  Depending on the location and audience, some Pop-up’s can be held indoors and have different set-ups, activities, and social service vendors. 

In order for us to continue to our  program for 2023, we need your support.  Please consider becoming a Corporate Sponsor of our Pop-up Pantry Series 2024. 

Please take a moment to review the sponsorship levels below.  Sponsorship levels are limited and are first come first secured basis.

If you are in need of more information or have questions, please contact us

To learn how to become a major sponsor, please click here

Why Pop-up Pantry?

Our Main Focus


  • Brings awareness of healthier food options to individual communities

  • Promotes healthier living

  • Bridges inter-communities together and promotes safe social gathering

  • Promotes our pantry mission and cause

  • Focuses on uncounted food insecure households caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Allows local businesses to become more directly involved with local communities

  •  Promotes buying local!

    The Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry hopes to inspire patrons and people in the community to support the local grass root efforts that promote healthier living and community involvement.

 Consumers that participate are likely to support the food pantry (the cause) and sponsors that help promote and financially support grass roots effort.

Pop-up Pantry Stations

1. Produce Station: Fresh Farmers Produce – Mostly from New Jersey Farmers
2. Bread and Pastries
3. Juice & Water Station
4. Take-a-way Gift – Each household will receive a free toilette gift package to promote healthier living.
5. Voter Registration Table
Food Truck and free food for residents

Becoming Our Corporate Sponsor

Please check out the sponsorship levels below.  Contact us for more information and level availability by calling 856-449-9744  or email us here


Proceeds from all sponsorship levels are used to pay for the cost of set-up, food, health education materials and/or equipment.

Pop-Up Pantry Sponsorship Levels


Platinum Sponsor


  • Signage at each pop-up pantry event

  • Social media/website mention on all currently used platforms

  • Facebook/IG promotion logo on each event notification and advertisement

  • Commemorative plaque as a Platinum Sponsor

  • Professional community photo opportunity w/ sponsor, volunteers, recipients


Gold Sponsor


  • Signage at each pop-up pantry event

  • Social media/website mention on all currently used platforms

  • Commemorative plaque as Gold Sponsor and commemorative photo


Silver Sponsor


  • Signage at specified or chosen event location

  • Social media/website mention on all currently used platforms

  • Certificate of Appreciation and commemorative photo

Apples in a Crate

Patron Sponsors


  • Social media/website mention on all currently used platforms

  • Our “Special Thanks” Correspondence

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