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Community Care Food

& Clothing Pantry

Martin Luther King Jr.,

Breakfast & Awards Ceremony 

Dr. Omar Simpson has dedicated a significant portion of his life to helping others. He has donated and raised money for lower-income families across the world who’ve experienced adverse circumstances, disaster relief initiatives for devastated countries, leadership programs for youth and life-changing educational opportunities for students. A major advocate for mentorship, Dr. Simpson personally mentors hundreds of high school and college students. Among his many non-profit and humanitarian initiatives, Dr. Simpson serves as Founder and Chairman of the Omar Simpson Foundation. OSF works to eliminate inequities in education by hosting over-night Educational Academies at Elite Universities, actively paying past due lunch accounts for lower-income families, managing mentoring programs for high schools and providing emergency funding for college students experiencing adverse circumstances. He is also an active member of several regional and national nonprofit organizations that respectively support creating effective ecosystems of equitable opportunities and positive results for communities. Dr. Simpson is also the founder and lead facilitator of the “Success is a Lifestyle” team, an international team of successful individuals invested in supporting the success of youth across the world.

Born into poverty and raised by a single mother, Dr. Simpson’s inspirational journey exemplifies leveraging education and utilizing strong discipline to elevate above circumstance and adversity. His story mirrors the story of many young people today. Dr. Simpson continues to demonstrate that talent, drive, and ambition will lead to success after success. He exudes his mantra “Success is a Lifestyle”, and his faith and passion have fostered a myriad of business ventures, organizations, and community outreach initiatives that have positively impacted the lives of countless people throughout the world.

Dr. Simpson is a nationally-recognized student success scholar, highly acclaimed motivational speaker, award-winning author and Humanitarian. Dr. Simpson is the Founder and Chairman of the Omar Simpson Foundation and is CEO of O. Simpson Enterprises, LLC. Previously, Omar served as President and CEO of HG3 Digital Media and successfully operated seven digital magazines and led a staff of over 25 employees. Dr. Simpson is author of three books with a fourth slated to be released in the second quarter of 2020. He has delivered hundreds of invited keynotes and lectures at universities, high schools and conferences.

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