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Community Care Food

& Clothing Pantry

Martin Luther King Jr.,

Breakfast & Awards Ceremony 

Karen Broyer, is the site manager at Christ Care Senior Housing Building in Sicklerville, New Jersey.  One of three siblings, It has always been her dream to help others. As a teenager Ms. Broyer was a candy striper at Rancocas Valley Hospital in Willingboro, NJ where she grew up. Later she was a Medical Explorer at Burlington County Medical Hospital  now Virtual Hospital, working her way into hospitality.  Working multiple jobs including Kentucky Fried Chicken, she attended college to seek her desire to become a doctor.  Her real strength was revealed after a 20 year stretch working in customer relations at the Trentonian and the Bulletin newspapers. Karen realized she loved working with people and began working for Barbero’s Bakery in Trenton where her entrepreneurial skills blossomed and she opened her own franchise and distribution company. Times were tough and the bakery business eventually closed. 


Determined to continue her love to work with people she accepted an opportunity at AAH Management Company. At AAH she was mentored by Janet Torres and becoming the manager at Christ Care Senior Housing.  Within Ms. Broyer’s eight years at AAH Management Company she has helped improve the lives of dozens of seniors and their families.  Ms. Broyer is known for going into her own pocket and beyond her job duties to help many that are less fortunate.  She has started and maintained many activities for seniors, fund raisers, and various other initiatives to improve the quality of life for others.  She believes it is an honor to be in her position as it fulfills her dream to help her residents and others.  Ms. Broyer is currently studying martial arts under the direction of Sensei Charles Heimlich and hopes to use the skills learned to share with seniors.

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