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Dr. Kimberly Benberry is a practicing general/family dentist with over 19 years of clinical experience. She has lived and practiced in South Jersey since 2001. She received her Doctorate in Dentistry from Howard University School of Dentistry which she attended after receiving her Bachelor of Science from Cornell University, and her Master of Science from Columbia University.

Dr. Benberry provides dental care in Gloucester and Cumberland counties of New Jersey in addition to her role as Associate Dental Director for CompleteCare Health Network. She was named CompleteCare Health Network’s Dental provider of 2017.

Dr. Benberry is dedicated to increasing health literacy, promoting access to care, and advocating for policies that improve oral health. She volunteers with the Give Kids A Smile Program which provides needed dental care to youth in the community. She also volunteers with Cornell Alumni Pre-admission Program and NJ Primary Care Practitioner Loan Redemption Program.

Dr. Benberry enjoys travelling and gardening. 

We are proud of the accomplishments and the success of Dr. Benberry as in her professional life as well as with her volunteer efforts, she is impacting lives in the a positive way.  We salute her.

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