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September is Hunger Action Month! All month long, choose to stand against hunger. Sharing, volunteering, pledging, fundraising, and donating are just a few ways to help end the impossible choices of hunger.


  • Millions of people are facing unemployment, affordable housing challenges, or in light of recent events caused by the pandemic, the need for food has only intensified, and families are struggling to pay bills for other life necessities—such as housing, childcare, and medical care.

  • Forced to choose between food and other crucial needs, tens of millions of people in America are paying to live life by sacrificing food.  Many of those families are right here in New Jersey and the Philadelphia region.

  • 762,530 People in New Jersey are living in Food Insecure Households.*  This number is expected to rise.

September is Hunger Action Month! All month long, choose to stand against hunger by supporting your local pantries.  The Community Care Food and Clothing Pantry serves anyone in need of food no matter what area they are from.  "Helping Those In Need" is part of our mission. 


Food insecurity refers to USDA’s measure of lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members and limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods. Food-insecure households are not necessarily food insecure all the time. Food insecurity may reflect a household’s need to make trade-offs between important basic needs, such as housing or medical bills, and purchasing nutritionally adequate foods.

*Information from Feeding America conducted an annual Map the Meal Gap study to improve our understanding of food insecurity and food costs at the local level. The most recent release is based on data from 2019.





Donation Jar

Does your company want to help fight hunger in the region? Engage your employees or customers in supporting our mission to help feed families facing hunger across the South Jersey Region. 

  • Matching Employee Contribution Programs

  • Place a fundraise jar at your desk, store front, or lobby

Packing Boxes

Does someone you know need help?We all need help sometimes. During the pandemic, more families are struggling than ever before. You can play an important role by letting your loves ones and neighbors know it’s okay to ask for help and sharing where they can find support.



Orange is the color of hunger. September is Hunger Action Month, let’s stand together by wearing orange, turning our city landmarks orange, and raising our voices all across the country on behalf of the millions of people facing hunger.  You can make a difference by volunteering at your local food pantry or food bank near you.

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