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Who We Are


Our Leadership

Mario D. Partee, Executive Director/Co-Founder

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Mario D. Partee, is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Community Care Food and Clothing Pantry, an emergency feeding organization in Winslow Township, NJ.  Mario, has overall responsibility for planning, financial, and operations of the non-profit organization that he co-founded in 2011 with his mother Dianne S. Partee.  As a Southern New Jersey native, Mario started his own business at the age of 12 detailing cars out of a hair studio in Sicklerville.  By the age of 16, Mario had built a successful business with a growing customer base of more than 300 customers.  Later, Mr. Partee studied at Camden County College and Thomas Edison College here in New Jersey where he earned his degree in Business Administration. 


Holding many key life learning positions, his opportunity to work with then mentor Ralph A. Sturdivant (deceased), CEO of Sturdivant & Co, a financial firm in Clementon, NJ at the age of 18 became one of his most memorable experiences of his life.  Partee left Sturdivant & Co. shortly after Sturdivant's passing to take advantage of an opportunity in project management with Williams Communications Solutions in Philadelphia.  At Williams, Partee was an Information Technology Manager who managed clients like Philadelphia Electric Company, Merrill Lynch, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Comcast, and Dow Jones & Company. With having successfully managed many large projects, he was able to quickly move up the ladder with later managing his own workforce of over 150 people across 50 states.  He has received many awards for excellence which he is proud of. 


In 2008, Mr. Partee worked for a local food bank as Corporate Relations Manager where he gained knowledge about hunger and food insecurity of people living in the Southern New Jersey region. Partee's hunger awareness events are well documented including an NFL food collection initiative where he hosted celebrity NFL Moms.  With coordinating and directing this hunger awareness campaign, the event was a tremendous success which had helped raise over 6,000 pounds of donated food in just one hour.   Mr. Partee also worked at Associated Counselors, PA, a mental health practice as their Chief Operating Officer for 6 years. 


After leaving the food bank in 2011, Mr. Partee started his own non-profit organization called Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry.  With ten years of service under their belt, CCFCP's mission to help eliminate hunger in Winslow Township and the surrounding areas has helped thousands of families.  Serving an average of 600 people monthly the CCFCP encompasses a dedicated group of no less than 50 volunteers that help distribute goods to anyone in need.  Mr. Partee's dedication to answering calls from the community for emergency assistance for food and clothing is a valuable resource.  The organization continues to grow and now helps many other organizations in and outside of South Jersey to feed people in need. 


With many community projects in the works, Mario counts on his community for support which also keeps him grounded and focused on the needs of people in need.  Mario currently holds a position at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University in Camden City as Technology Associate where he assists with medical student’s education and training.  He is also featured in many educational materials including instructional videos and also plays a key role for in annual Match Day for 4th year medical students.  He holds several awards and honors and continues to move his organization forward all the while staying humble and always open to help others.  Mr. Partee is a young visionary that strongly believes in helping his own community by all means necessary. 


Joseph Wood El, Volunteer Manager

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Joseph Wood El, a Winslow Township native is responsible for managing the daily operations of the our Volunteer program, including recruitment, training and scheduling of individual/group volunteers and interns.  Mr. Wood El has over 40 years of experience working in the heath and human services sector with 30 of those years with the Department of Health and Human Services Behavioral Health Division.  Honored for his superior service by the Governor of New Jersey, Mr. Wood El volunteered for 7 months in New York City, NY to work with those in need of mental health services during the 2001 September 11th terrorist attack.  After retiring from the State of New Jersey, Mr. Wood El worked for Acenda Integrated Health with their Behavioral Mental Health Program for 7 years until retiring recently.  He currently serves on the executive board of the Community Care Food and Clothing Pantry offering his skills and experience to help hundreds of clients in need of food and clothing.

Meet Our Team


Gwen Joseph

Kitchen Manager


Tanyar Greene

Pantry Manager


Robert Allen "Bob"

Facility/Pantry Manager

Executive & Advisory Board Members

Hiligarde Nancy Cadet, Jefferson University Hospital
Diane Holmes, Planned Parenthood (Camden, NJ)
Darrius Peoples, Dunn Peoples Trucking, LLC
Christina Scully, Retired Educator
Joseph Wood El, Retired Healthcare Professional & Restaurateur

Mario D. Partee, Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry
*Dianne S. Partee (Deceased) Co-Founder

*Honorary Board Member

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