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Community Care Food

& Clothing Pantry

Martin Luther King Jr.,

Breakfast & Awards Ceremony 

Raymond Watkins, Entrepreneur & Councilman is a native of Camden NJ.  A proud graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School.  Mr. Watkins was raised to treat the janitor of an organization with the same respect as a Chief Executive .  A man of little words and a lot of action. He is one who believes in living his purpose! If you live work or play in Winslow Township you have encountered Raymond Watkins.  Currently he works as Food Service Manager for the Winslow Township School District. Mr. Watkins also serves as a Committeeman for Ward 3 in Winslow Township, New Jersey.  He knows the difference between those who stay to feed the soil and those who come to grab the fruit.  He feeds the soils diligently by serving in many capacities within Winslow and New Jersey.  His community roles have been liaison to the Winslow Twp. Zoning Board, Director of Public Works Winslow Township, Liaison to the Municipal Alcohol and Drug Alliance, Celebrations Committee, National Night Out Committee, Family Day Committee ( Director ), Empowerment Group and Community Baby Shower.  In addition he has been known to organize and host clothes, toys and book drives.  He also helps manage campaigns for many elected officials. Mr. Watkins is one who thinks, plans and executes.  He is a landlord, an audio engineer with over 35 years of music production experience. To add to his library of creativity he is also a web/graphic designer and photographer.  Mr. Watkins is also the Owner of Drop Zone Recording Studio and The R Barbershop in the Winslow Center where he always informs and encourages adults and our youth while cutting their hair. To confirm his craft as a Barber he is currently attending night school at Robert Finance Beauty School for Barbering graduating in April 2020.  Mr. Watkins was also the recipient of the Omega Psi Phi Citizen of the Year award in 2017.  This entrepreneur, philanthropist community icon is also the proud father of three amazing children. He has strived and worked hard to make sure when you see his children or his community you see him.  Mr. Watkins has many great amazing initiatives in the works that will ultimately improve his community and the lives of others.

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