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Robert J. Hinson, a retired Master Sergeant  for United States Air Force/ United States Air National Guard, is a respected Veteran and has many years of experience in behavioral health and handicapped education.  Mr. Hinson graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology.  He is currently the Head Coach for Timber Creek High School in Sicklerville for Black Horse Pike Regional School District where he has been since 2006.

He has impacted many lives of young people all across the region.  He is a well-known winning coach leading teams like Salem High School as Head Coach,  Pennsauken High School as Defensive Coordinator, Norview High School as Linebackers’ Coach,  Camden High School as Linebackers’ Coach and Woodrow Wilson High School as Freshman Defensive Coordinator. 

He holds many certifications;  New Jersey Teacher of the Handicapped, New Jersey Educational Supervisor, Delaware Teacher of Exceptional Children, Delaware Principal / Assistant Principal and Delaware School Leader I.

Coach Hinson is a experienced mentor who has injected positive change to his community.  Young people under his tutorage have gone on to succeeding in many occupational sectors especially in the area of sports.  This unsung hero is “the” example  that encourages young men and women to do better and to be at their best.  We salute Coach Hinson for the meticulous care and teachings of our young people and for being the inspiration we all need.

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