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Community Care Food

& Clothing Pantry

Martin Luther King Jr.,

Breakfast & Awards Ceremony 

Glenn (Prevail) Morton was born in Camden, NJ.  His love and passion for music allowed him to pursue a career in the Hip Hop industry at a very young age. Starting at 13 years old, Glenn began his journey as a musician and formulated his name as, “Prevail”, who later became, “Prevail-da-mc”.  After 15 years in the industry, Prevail-da-mc wrote and produced numerous songs and videos. He traveled and performed in many shows and later won a place with Coast-to-Coast mix tape industry. 

Pastor Morton became the Director of the Street Team Ministry of Faith Fellowship Church in Glassboro, NJ. Glenn continued in the direction of the Lord maintaining street ministry under the direction of Bishop Kyle Allen (Former Pastor of Faith Fellowship and current Pastor of Faith City Kingdom International Church). Lead by Bishop Kyle Allen, Glenn became the Youth Pastor of Faith City Kingdom International Church in Clayton, NJ, and eventually, became the Associate Pastor of Faith City Kingdom International Church. 

Pastor Morton is the founder and Director of the Kingdom of Saints Ministry, which has the mission of the perfecting of Saints under the leadership of Yeshua with the Kingdom of Saints clothing line.  His mission continues to be to do the will of the Lord who has given him a vision to help others.  He formulated is own radio show called, “The Voice of Reason 4 a Reason LLC”, which airs every Sunday evening through GSNJ radio. Glenn upholds, along with his Co-host, Michael J. Corsey, the mission to talk about things instead of turning your back on it. In addition, Glenn has formulated a non-profit organization called, “A Father to the Fatherless Generation, Inc.” Father to the Fatherless is a corporation that incorporates (7) key principles to help young boys to become great men. In turn, these young men will become great fathers. This organization is a promotion of positive change in a world where change seems unworkable. Pastor Morton’s legacy is to edify and help grow young men to be better; therefore, making a better future.  

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