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Community-Real Stories

Community:  Real Stories

The Community Care Food and Clothing Pantry loves to tell others about real stories of real people in the community.  We hope that if you are reading this that it will encourage you, get you engaged, or even empower you to help others in your own community.  Please feel free to tell us about your real community story and we will contnue to tell you ours.  Contact Us Here!

Is there a "Jeff" in your community?


Is there a "Jeff" in your community?


Sicklerville - Jeff, a 70 year old senior resident of Winslow Township called in for emergency food assistance. After speaking with Jeff, he explained that he had appliances but no cookware to prepare food. The Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry's Mobile Pantry Unit delivered food to his South Jersey home and with the support of great donors we were able to provide Jeff with a starter cookware set. Your financial donations made it possible for Jeff to have more meals tonight, tomorrow and in the future. We appreciate you and so does Jeff.  Your very own neighbors may need assistance, consider supporting your community.

Do you have a "Jeff" in your community?

Mobile Pantry Unit, a program of the Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry

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