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Community-Real Stories

Community:  Support Our Youth

The Community Care Food and Clothing Pantry loves to tell others about real stories of real people in the community.  We hope that if you are reading this that it will encourage you, get you engaged, or even empower you to help others in your own community.  Please feel free to tell us about your real community story and we will contnue to tell you ours.  Contact Us Here!

"Youth Volunteer Making A Difference In Her Community And In Her Life"


Youth Volunteer Reaches New Heights Of Success!

Winslow Township - The Community Care Food and Clothing Pantry is extremely proud of our youth volunteers that dedicate their time to serving others.  Christina Munford, a 13 year old 7th grader is just one example of the many youth on our volunteer team that is making a difference in their community.   Christina is also committed to doing well in her school and studies, she attends the award winning Winslow Township Middle School located in Atco, NJ.  She will be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society ( as she enters the 8th grade this coming school year.

"Miss Munford is a humble young lady that I can see big positive things in her future", said Mario D. Partee, Executive Director of Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry. "We are so proud that she has chosen to engage with our organization that also serves the residents in her own community.  We wish her much success!"


You can learn more about Winslow Township Middle School's National Junior Honor Society by Clicking Here

Volunteer Opportunities Available, a program of the Community Care Food & Clothing Pantry

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